Wednesday, December 15, 2010

November 14, 2010.

Its been one month since that dreaded knock on my door.  That day I was sitting on my couch playing black ops. It was 11pm.  I heard knocking on my door. I ignored it thinking it was just my annoying neighbor asking to borrow something again.   They knocked harder.  I stood up off the couch and went and opened the door.

I spent about 5 seconds, but in my mind felt like hours studying their uniforms because us as army wives were told so many times how people come to your door and fake something like that.  Then it hit me.  They were at my door for one thing and one thing only.  I screamed. I panicked.  I cried. 

I kept saying over and over this was just a dream.  And over and over the officers told me "No, Mrs Nagorski this isn't  a dream. This is real Mrs. Nagorski."

Right away there was paper work to be filled out. Then they wouldn't leave until someone came to sit with me.  First Michelle came over. She got her boys out of bed and came right over.  Soon thereafter, Courtney and her kids came with Lisa and her daughter.

That night I was thinking nothing but hoping they made some kind of mistake.  It was his birthday the day before.  His daughter was going to be one in a few days.  We had so many plans for when he came home on leave. We had plans for after the deployment.  This couldn't be.

That day, November 14, 2010 is a day I'll remember all too clear.


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  1. Nadine, Your so strong I just can't even imagine what is going through your head. Everytime I think about you and Melodie I get tears in my eyes. But I know you have so much support from Friends and Family you will raise Melodie to know and love her Daddy for what he did for her and you and everyone in America. Please know if you need anything, anything at all please let me know.